I want to run a couple of apache virtual websites at my Ubuntu 14.04LTS laptop. It has not bind/named installed but to my surprise in /etc/resolv.conf there is a reference to It means something bind like is running at my machine. It turned out to be dnsmasq! It has been installed along with Ubuntu Network Manager.

Dnsmasq indeed is a cache and it has quite powerfull capabilities like defining local DNS entries in /etc/hosts and return them as DNS responses. This is exactly what I wanted. This way I could run a list of local sities with apache httpd. Unfortunately when dnsmasq is called by NetworkManager, it by default ignores /etc/hosts and there is no configuration to be tuned.

After a short digging in the web, I found a dirty hack which replaces dnsmasq binary with a script and this way allows to consider entries from /etc/hosts to be valid DNS records. The other option is to get dnsmasq out of NetworkManager control and install it independently.

Both solutions are described here.

Further Reading

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