Some day I discovered Flask and its Jinja templates. And this was a great template system for the web.

Later on, when I found Jekyll and its template system – Liquid, I came to me, they (Liquid-Jinja) are similar in syntax.

As for now, Jekyll does not support Liquid 3, it probably happens when Jekyll itself matues to release 3.

Jekyl’s Variables

variable value
page.url /www/2015/07/01/liquid.html 2015-07-01 11:54:00 +0000
page.categories www
page.collection posts
page.tags liquid, jekyll
jekyll: "Markdown and Pandoc" , "First Post"

Posts in Polish

  1. Opony motocyklowe

  2. Lód i mikst góry, książki

  3. Miejsce przy stole góry, książki

  4. Wspinanie climbing, góry

  5. Czerwone Wierchy

  6. Nostalgia

  7. Złapałem gumę przygody

  8. Ogon Smoka

  9. Synchronizacja Gaźników

  10. Motocykl moto


When analysing above it is good to be familiar with: